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Stock provided by amazing deviant stocker, purchased on Shutterstock.com and personal ressources
Model : jagged-eye on Deviantart (See Image)
Wings : deniseworisch on Deviantart (See Image)
Crown : roys-art on Deviantart (See Image)
Necklace : mom-espeace on Deviantart (See Image)
Hairs : trisste-stocks on Deviantart (See Image)
Armor : scanned-stock on Deviantart (See Image)
Dress : eveyd on Deviantart (See Image)
Flowers : http://fav.me/d4fxeq7 on Deviantart (See Image)
Gold frames :eveyd on Deviantart (See Image)
Sword : dracoart-stock on Deviantart (See Image)
Shield : fuguestock on Deviantart (See Image)
Skull : Elevit-Stock on Deviantart (See Image)
Background (surrealistic battle scene) : © Slava Gerj (35167933 on Shutterstock.com)
Brushes : Deviney on Daz3D

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I have lost some files after my last computer crash. I decided to take some time to begin again these PSD files. These version is not available anymore.