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How I work?

Step 1: Select a package from my website :

  • Package ‘BRONZE’

  • Package ‘SILVER’

  • Package ‘GOLD’

Want a series of covers?
Contact me via e-mail ( to discuss possible discounts for your series.

 Step 2: Preview work.

After selecting the right models/stocks, I can start working on your project and make a rough preview. This means a simple copy/paste visual to see whether all is upon the wishes of the client. No effects will be implemented yet. When I received approval, I can start with creating the final work for your book.


Step 3: Process and revisions 

You will receive a watermarked version of the artwork in the reviewing/correction process. In the end, the artwork will be sent to you without watermark, when full payment has been done. I do not deliver plain images without text and sources files.

Revisions set are mentioned in the details of each package. Try to send me all the corrections at once. If you need more revisions than the number that is included in the package, you will pay an extra fee of $20 per extra revision.

License information about the covers
If you are interested in the acquisition of existing artwork to promote your book, please contact me for more information about license availability, some works are only for personal viewings. If the licence is available, you must know that you are purchasing the right to "use" it, not the copyright on the design itself. The copyright remains my own unless stated otherwise.


Step 4: Final result

Images will be provided in a JPG or PNG format or a high-resolution PDF (ready to print), depending on the package you have chosen. I don’t provide .psd files, so please take into account that you cannot make changes yourself.

Search for images

The best way of working is that the author/client has a look on paid stock sites (e.g. for potential models to work with. If you don’t find the exact model that you’re looking for, I can help by searching and selecting models that seem to fit the project/mood.

Important note

1. If your chosen stock photos come from, I will purchase them myself (under a Standard Licence) and include them into the price of the package. For ‘Bronze’ package 3 stocks are included. For ‘Silver’ & ‘Gold’ packages, up to 6 stocks are included. If you need more you must pay $15 per extra stock photo you want to include.

2. If your stocks come from another paid stock site, you will have to purchase the stocks yourself and send them to me for retouching. The stocks you pay yourself are not included in my packages and you still need to pay the full price of the package, as shown on the package description.

If you buy the stocks yourself:
Please purchase the biggest format (L, XL or XXL, 300DPI) for best results.
A short summary for Depositphotos images/stocks:
Standard license: Up to 500,000 books produced and printed.

Extended license: more than 500.000 books can be produced and printed. Also needed for commercial use (merchandise for sale or promotional distribution).


Please provide me with the following details (via e-mail: or by completing the form => COMING SOON)  Author name, title of the book, taglines & genre, brief summary, format you need (in pixels or cm).  In this way, I can see whether your request is feasible or not.



Please mention my name when publishing your book and when you make your promotion on Web: Cover art by Christel Michiels,


Stocks used for your projects

The stocks (photos that I have used to create the illustration) are purchased from (Standard license) or come from copyright free images databases (Pexels, Unsplash,…)



When purchasing one of my services/book covers, you automatically agree that you will abide by the terms of You can read their terms of use on


Norway: bank transfer on my bank account. Payment in NOK.
Rest of the world: Paypal. Payment in USD or EUR. 
Contact me for more information.


Exemption VAT (Value Added Tax) small business, VAT is not applicable.


Paying for your project

A 50% deposit is required in advance. With the final approval, the balance needs to be paid. After payment, you will receive the book cover in .jpg or .png optimized for online selling (ebook) and/or high-resolution pdf (for printing - if included in the package you ordered).


A refund is possible when I have not yet started working on the project (minus the costs e.g. Paypal transaction costs, ...). When already started, refunds are not possible anymore.