Are you an author in need of a book cover?

I have worked with everyone from indie authors to publishing houses both small and large. My job is always the same: give you a cover that will snag the attention of readers. My prices are affordable and best of all, I love doing it. For rates and details contact me at or looking inside my portfolio by clicking on the button.
  • A. Brantes
    I had the opportunity to work with Christel for music projects on where their amazing digital work fits exactly what music try to inspire. Christel's understanding of details and her passion to bring a hight detailed result are a high value that I would like to see in the rest graphic designers. Christel does it with creativity, objectivity, and pleasure. I'm in love with her strategic mindset and passion for design. She's a constant inspiration! I hope to work together in the near future.
    A. Brantes
    UX Strategist at Posmo
  • J. Deridder
    I had the opportunity to work with Christel at VOO. Besides her creativity in graphic design, I enjoyed her understanding of the business needs - a creative and strategic mindset. She is involved in what she's doing and has a great eye for details - a great skill for a graphic designer.
    J. Deridder
  • Delphine A.
    Travailler avec Christel est un vrai plaisir. Toujours à l'écoute des besoins, créative, elle cerne rapidement les attentes et est toujours ouverte aux discussions. Investie dans son travail, consciencieuse et méticuleuse, Christel est assurément une personne sur qui l'on peut compter lorsque l'on veut s'assurer la réussite d'un projet.
    Delphine A.
    Freelance copyrighter
  • Erica Vanini
    Jeune, dynamique et incroyablement courageuse ... Christel cache derrière sa structure un talent d’artiste qui m’a bluffé ... une jolie rencontre
    Erica Vanini
  • Edouard Brasey
    Christel est une illustratrice talentueuse dont l’univers onirique et merveilleux suscite l’admiration. Elle a créé pour moi des couvertures de romans qui ont incontestablement apporté une grande valeur ajoutée aux livres. Je recommande son travail à tous ceux qui seront sensibles à son œuvre
    Edouard Brasey
  • Tarek El Aouam
    Perfectionist, meticulously creative, dedicated to her work, and always cheerful, those are the words that come to my mind when I think of Christel. I had the pleasure to work with Christel for my second year's internship, where she had always been helpful and keen to explain things even when they were outside of the scope of her tasks. Christel would be a tremendous asset for any position requiring motivation, creativity, and a particular attention to detail.
    Tarek El Aouam
  • Cédric Fumière
    Christel is a very dedicated, creative and easy going person. Dedication: she is really dedicated to provide fine work and goes to the granular level of details. Creative: that pops out to you when seing her work. Easy going: it's always a pleasure to collaborate or have a nice chat with Christel. Miss working with you :-)
    Cédric Fumière
    The House of Marketing
  • Yves Haas
    I thought of Christel for a personal project of book and I was not disappointed. She proved to be creative, reliable, flexible and on time. The quality of the work was at the level of my (high) expectations. If another similar project comes I'll definitely involve her again.
    Yves Haas